Administration and statutory assistance

We aim in this area to create an accounting system that responds adequately to the actual requirements of the client to take on the function of an efficient analytical instrument and well as being a tool to manage the business. The object is to avoid reducing it, as happens often, to the lower level of being concerned only with satisfying the legal and fiscal requirements. By doing so we hope to maximise the benefits and to add value to the client’s business.

Over the years, we have accumulated a great deal of experience in helping Italian subsidiaries of multinational companies in the creation and management of accounting – administration systems appropriate to reconciling the requirements of a group with the need to adhere to Italian accounting and civil regulations.

We achieve these objectives by supplying assistance that covers a continuous presence, which is supplemented by our professional staff and external specialists who collaborate with the client on an ad hoc basis: all of which guarantees a correct appreciation of the client’s requirement and allows the development of the best possible solutions also in terms of management control over its business.

The areas covered are:

  • management of general and VAT accounting;
  • assistance in the development and implementation of accounting and reporting schedules;
  • the drawing up of Financial Statements and the completion of all related filing and publication obligations;
  • the drawing up of periodical financial reports on the basis of the formats specifically adapted and agreed with the client or within the group reporting system;
  • the drawing up of budget statements and business plans;
  • analysing the suitability of extraordinary operations and the management of the legal obligations connected thereto;
  • valuations of businesses and company holdings;
  • the management of trusts and personal investment holdings;
  • the exercise of accounting due diligence examinations.