Assistance with statutary obligations

We help those clients of ours that are corporate bodies in all the phases of the their activity, from their constitution to their extinction, supplying advice and reports on extraordinary operations or re-organisations, both for single companies or for groups thereof, having at their object the optimisation re of the clients organisation with regard to its requirements.

In particular we offer:

  • preliminary evaluations of the corporate form best suited to a business when it launches its new activity;
  • help in the constitution of body corporate and personalised consultancy in drawing up the deed of constitution and the company’s statute;
  • the drawing up of shareholder agreements;
  • the drawing up of preliminary and final contracts for the sale or purchase of businesses and shareholdings;
  • assistance and advice in extraordinary company operations (purchases, ,mergers, spin-offs, deals made in kind, transformation of capital schemes).
  • strategic group planning;
  • company re-organisations;
  • management and keeping of the company’s statutory books with the drafting of minutes of the meeting of the company’s boards and members;
  • business due diligence surveys;
  • general and continuous company consultancy.